My Experience Training At Inverse Jiu Jitsu – Randy

I am 46 with 2 small 6-year-old Twin daughters. I started them in Jiu Jitsu at age 5 so they would be able to protect themselves when they are older.

A few months later they ask me why they had to do Jiu Jitsu, but I didn’t? Well as an Army Vet and Father I have tried to lead by example, so I started my Jiu Jitsu Journey. I have not done much exercising for the last 10 years and cannot run due to arthritis in my knees. As a result. my weight was starting to get out of control.

I won’t lie and say it’s easy, but it is rewarding, and the people are really supportive and friendly. The Twins are doing great and seem to have some talent in Jiu Jitsu. For myself, I have officially lost over 20 pounds and noticeable inches off my waist. I am so glad to have found Inverse Jiu Jitsu to lead our family on our Jiu Jitsu Journey.

Benefits of Training Jiu Jitsu

Training Jiu Jitsu offers numerous benefits that extend beyond physical fitness. For starters, it provides a full-body workout that enhances cardiovascular health, flexibility, and muscle strength. Additionally, it fosters discipline and mental toughness, teaching practitioners to stay calm and think strategically under pressure. Jiu Jitsu also builds a strong sense of community and camaraderie, as practitioners often train closely with partners, forging strong bonds and mutual respect. For children and adults alike, it instills self-confidence and the ability to defend oneself effectively.

In conclusion My Experience Training:

Lastly, the focus and dedication required for Jiu Jitsu can lead to improvements in other areas of life, promoting a healthier, more balanced lifestyle overall. All these benefits combined make Jiu Jitsu a valuable practice for individuals of all ages and fitness levels.