Brown Belt | Instructor

Jason Hochstettler



Coach Jason Hochstettler attended High School here in Tucson, Arizona where his love for the grappling arts started with wrestling. He actively competed throughout High School and returned to his alma mater to help as an assistant coach. In 2007 Coach Jason was introduced to NoGi Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) when he began training at Undisputed.
After taking a break to focus on his career, Coach Jason returned to studying the art of BJJ in 2017 when he began his journey training in the Gi at Inverse Jiu Jitsu under Professor Gordon Kimura. Since then, he has trained under the direction of Professor Gabriel Souza. Coach Jason was promoted to brown belt under Professor Gabriel in 2022.
Coach Jason has also been a certified Defensive Tactics Instructor for Law Enforcement in the state of Arizona since 2012.

  • AZBJJF Master’s Cup
    • 3rd Place (Masters)
  • Fuji Winter Championship Gi (01/18/2020)
    • 1st Place (Masters)
  • Fuji Winter Championship NoGi (01/18/2020)
    • 2nd Place (Masters)
  • AZBJJF Arizona State Championship (6/24/2023)
    • 2nd Place (Masters 2 Light Weight)
  • AZBJJL Phoenix Open (2/10/24)
    • 1st Place (Masters 3 Light)
  • AZBJJL Grand Canyon Inventational (4/13/24)
    • 2nd Place (Masters 3 Middle)