Chris Shuman

Professor Chris Shuman began his jiu jitsu journey in 2008 after the Army. With his job requiring him to relocate all over Arizona, he was able to experience different styles of jiu jitsu through different professors. Chris received his blue belt in 2012 through Fabio Santos BJJ in Yuma AZ. After moving to Flagstaff Chris joined Gracie Barra where he received his purple belt in 2015 and brown belt in 2017. During that time Chris learned and taught the methodology of points of control to slow down faster and stronger opponents. Chris as well competed heavily during his purple and brown belt time throughout Arizona, Nevada, and California. Chris has been with Inverse since 2017. Professor Chris received his black belt on April 23, 2022, from Professor Gordon Kimura and Professor Gabriel Souza.



  • Blue belt:
  • 2013 Blue belt-Naga no gi champion
  • Purple belt:
  • 2015-Naga phx gi/no gi-Silver
  • 2015-NABJJF-Grand Canyon Open-gi and no gi-Bronze
  • 2015-IBJJF-irvine-gi-Bronze
  • 2015-SJJIF-World Championship-no gi-Silver
  • 2016-NABJJF-Silver State No gi champion
  • 2016-NABJJF-Silver State gi-Silver
  • 2016-NABJJF-Silver State no gi/gi open weight division-Silver
  • 2016-NAGA-San Diego-gi Silver
  • 2016-NAGA-Phoenix-Gi-Silver
  • 2016-NABJJF-Grand Canyon-gi silver/no gi-bronze/open weight gi-Bronze
  • 2016-IBJJF-Long Beach-Gi-Silver
  • 2016-SJJF-Wolrd Championship-Gi-Silver/no gi-Bronze gi open-silver/no gi open-Silver
  • Brown belt:
  • 2017-NABJJF-Phoenix Open-gi and no gi champion/gi and no gi open-silver
  • 2017-SJJF-Wold Championship-gi and no gi-Bronze
  • 2019-SJJIF-World Championship-No gi-Bronze
  • 2 X Competitor for FTW