Bryant Anthony

Professor Bryant Anthony has been a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioner since 2008. Bryant started his jiu jitsu journey with Brazilian Top Team under Professor Edgard Dutra. He went on to aggressively compete in competitions such as NAGA (top three finishes) De La Riva Cup (double gold) while continuing through college. Bryant moved from Florida to Arizona around 2013 and began training and coaching with Gracie Barra Tucson as well as cross-training under David Riley at Undisputed. He has competed as a purple belt with top three finishes while training under GB. After a few years he made his permanent change to Inverse Jiu Jitsu under Professor Gordon Kimura. While training under the Inverse Flag he has competed as a brown belt with a 3rd place finish. Professor Bryant is also a competitor for Fight2Win pro and has competed on the main stage as a brown belt. He has been with Inverse Jiu Jitsu for 5 years and continues to assist in coaching and developing the team. Bryant received his black belt from Professor Gordon in June of 2019.


Bryant’s job offers him an irregular training schedule that has been a blessing in disguise for his Jiu Jitsu career. Though he is not on the card for many competitions he is able to travel and develop his craft all over the nation. He specializes in Less Lethal Self Defense as the head instructor for federal agents/ first responders applying jiu jitsu in real world tactical environments. Professor Bryant’s BJJ techniques are taught with simplicity and effectiveness for application in competitive, hobbyist, and Law Enforcement environments.